Studio 22 Anja Lordanić Mustać


My name is Anja Lordanić Mustać

and I am a Croatian translator and court interpreter
for English and Italian.

I like simplicity – in life and in business.

This is why, after working in a few translation agencies and having realized that complex processes and multiple touch-points are tiring for both sides, I decided to create a boutique agency that clients will want to partner with and keep coming back to.

My services encompass translation, sworn translation, proofreading, and interpreting. You can find all of them here.

I use language in various ways:
I translate words and ideas, I’m an interpreter working in Croatian and English, and I’m a host of the business podcast Freelance Business Unlocked. Therefore, you’re in the right place to have your language needs met. 😊
I am in charge of Croatian, English, and Italian,
while my colleagues are in charge of German, French, and Spanish.

If you need a translator working in different language pairs, feel free to reach out and I will do my best to find the right fit for you!

Even though you may be bilingual and able to do all of the above yourself, let a professional take care of it, so that you can take care of what you do best.

Feel free to request a quote or simply say,
I’m looking forward to partnering with you!